shirley-temple-ringAfter making her screen debut at the age of three and becoming one of Hollywood’s biggest stars throughout the 1930’s, Shirley Temple received an amazing gift from her father. Around the time of her 12th birthday he gave her a 9.54 carat Fancy Deep Blue diamond ring.¬†Originally purchase in 1940 for $7,210 it was sold by her estate to a private buyer after her death in 2014.

Auctioned by Sotheby’s, the bidding opened at $19m and went up to $22m, but fell short of the reserve price set by the private seller. The reserve is unknown, but it’s estimated to be worth around $35m and Sotheby’s remains confident they will find a buyer stating “Unfortunately, tonight wasn’t its night in the salesroom,” it said. “The Shirley Temple Blue Diamond is an exceptional stone in quality, rarity and provenance. It has been an honor to share its story with collectors, connoisseurs and Temple’s loyal fans over the past few months.”

Large rare diamonds always tend to draw a lot of fascination¬†and when associated with a celebrity as well know and Shirley Temple it’s bound to garner even more attention. So although it seems it wasn’t the right night for it to sell, it will most certainly find it’s buyer in due time.