sell-my-diamondThere are times when you will want to let go of a few belongings that you no longer need. Sarah Coles of America Online UK has one such story to tell:

Barbara Taylor Bradford, the author of A Woman of Substance, is auctioning off key pieces of her jewelry collection, in a move that is expected to net her £1.5 million. There are 40 pieces… going under the hammer at the beginning of December.

It has enormous sentimental value, so why sell?

Most of the jewelry was given to her by her husband, Bob. She says: “Every piece of jewelry in the auction was purchased by my darling husband. When I reviewed my collection, what really struck me is that it reveals the story of my marriage to Bob, a wonderfully romantic love affair which has lasted for 50 years.”

Buying plenty of jewelry is a hallmark of very affluent people who want to show off their wealth. In Bradford’s case, it may even be a sort of physical representation of how far a successful career and love story may take you. However, if you wish to unload a trove of valuable items like hers, a company that encourages a “sell my diamond now” vibe like Jewels We Buy may help you part with them for a hefty sum.
There are a number of items in her lot that will attract buyers. According to the article, the top item in the lot is a custom-shaped “14-carat diamond ring … thought to be worth £460,000.” A pair of “pearl and diamond earrings” from a popular jewelry maker is worth around “£79,000.”

Some jewelry buying companies may specialize in acquiring diamonds, but a reputable one may even accept those from other gemstone varieties. Coles said one of the non-diamond items in the Bradford lot is an “18-carat cushion-shape sapphire ring worth £131,000.”

Going to a company that helps people sell their diamond jewelry like Jewels We Buy is one way to recoup the investment you put in them over the years and use the proceeds for other purposes. Although the items in Bradford’s lot are slated for auction by the year’s end, the author wants to give the proceeds to two distant relatives.

(Info from Barbara Taylor Bradford sells £1.5m jewellery collection, AOL UK, September 25, 2013)