404 carat diamond lucapa 2

We’ve all seen some big diamonds on display at exhibits or adorning our favorite celebrities on the red carpet, but you don’t see monsters like this one every day.

Weighing in at 404.2 carats, this amazing Type IIa stone was unearthed by the Lucapa Diamond Company at their Lulo Mine in Angola. It’s only the 27th largest diamond on record, but with a D Color Grade, which is entirely colorless and the rarest to find, it is an extremely valuable find. Valuing such large stones if not very common, but estimates but it’s price at around $14 Million. Lucap has to be pleased as this is the fourth diamond found in the Lulo mine that is over 100 carats and 114th “Special Diamond” (over 10.8 carats) found there.

“The Lulo diamond field is an example of what we would like to showcase to the world in encourage international investment in Angola’s diamond mining industry,” said Antonio Carlos Sumbula, chairman at Endiama, the national diamond company of Angola that controls mining rights in the country.

Of course the next question that comes to mind is “What’s the biggest diamond ever found then?”. Well as impressive as this find is, it hardly compares to the the record holder. Know as the Cullinan, the biggest diamond every found was discovered in South Africa in 1905. At 3,106.75 carats it weighed in at a hefty 1.3 pounds and was eventually cut to adorn the Royal Scepter in the British Crown Jewels and can be seen on display at the Tower of London.