diamonds-looseMany people today have a collection of jewelry at home and are considering selling for cash. If you are one of them, and have diamonds, you are in luck. These are always in demand, and will definitely help you earn a great deal. Before you sell, however, you need to know a few tips that are going to help you not get ripped off. There’s a lot of sharks out there, and many will cheat you out of the value of your diamonds. To offset that, you’re going to want to consider the following quick tips that are going to help you make the most out of selling these precious gems.

Speak To A Professional

Do not just go to a pawn shop. Look for a jewelry buyer that is reputable in your area. Look at options that are near you, specifically in regards to buying and selling jewels. Do not just take your items to a pawn shop. If you do that, you are going to end up dealing with lackluster pricing. You want to make sure that you look at going with a buyer that has been buying and selling jewelry for some time, and has a reputation in the community. Look for reviews online and don’t move forward with any buyer unless you do a little research ahead of time.

Consider Consignment

If you’re not sure about selling outright, perhaps you can look for an option in this category. Consignment is a good option as you’ll be able to put your items in a store and wait for them to sell. The jewelry buyer you go with will give you a set price and get paid thanks to their foot traffic. Now, the buyer will take a small percentage of the sales price, but other than that, this is a good solution to give you a little peace of mind.

Get Your Diamonds Graded

Here is a tip that most people don’t know about, and it’s simple, get your diamonds graded. If you can ensure the cut, clarity, and quality of your gems with a good resource. One such resource you may want to consider is that of the Gemological Institute of America. This is a resource that will help you have proof that your jewels are in fact high quality. This will ensure that you get top dollar overall.

As you can see, there are a few quick tips that can help you gain the upper hand in regards to selling diamonds today. If you want to ensure that you are getting the beast deal, don’t rush it. Take your time. Make sure that you seek out a reputable buyer, and you’ll no doubt get high dollar for your jewels. Whether you have just a few diamonds, rings, or more, you’ll find that by taking your time in researching options, especially near you, you’ll end up with a positive push forward. When you rush, you will end up with a price point that is just not beneficial overall. Take your time, it’ll pay off for sure.